MS Drycare

MS DryCare is a ready-to-use all natural hygiene dry powder, suitable for use in animal pens, cubicles, nests etc. to ensure dry housing and living conditions for animals. Dry living conditions in livestock housing are essential to reduce the number of pathogens the animals are exposed to. Poor hygiene contributes to health problems developing among (young) animals. With an absorption ability of over 200%, MS DryCare is an ideal water absorber. Furthermore, it is specially developed for the use around animals.

MS Drycare Plus

MS DryCare Plus is a hygiene powder, just as the normal MS DryCare, but with a little extra. MS DryCare Plus is foremost a drying agent, but also acts as an active disinfectant. In tests done by Abbott Analytical it clearly showed that MS DryCare Plus can be used against the most common diseases present at a farm.
Carefull: MS DryCare needs a local registration and is not available in all countries. 

The test

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Use MS DryCare in all animal pens

There are a lot of uses for MS DryCare. It can be used on mats, mattresses, deep litter, calving and sick pens. You can also use it in calf hutches, pens and out-of-parlour feed stations. MS DryCare is recommended for cows, calves, pigs, boars, sheep, goats, hens and horses.

Using MS DryCare leads to:

  • A dry living environment
  • Better animal health
  • Better animal comfort
  • Nice Eucalyptus smell which is known for having a positive effect on air quality and the animals airways

Completely natural

MS DryCare is a purely natural product and thus harmless for man, animals and the environment. MS DryCare even meets with the demands and regulations of organic and bio farms. It can be applied in empty and occupied stalls and has a positive impact on manure consistency. It also has a positive effect on the animal's respiratory system due to the fresh smell. Because the pH value of MS DryCare is very similar to that of the animal's skin, it even has a caring effect on the teat skin (cows).