Application / Instructions

MS DryCare is a purely natural product and thus completely harmless for man, animals and the environment. MS DryCare even meets with the demands and regulations of organic farms
It can be applied in empty and occupied stalls and has a positive impact on manure consistency. It has also has a positive effect on the animals’ breathing due to the fresh smell. Because the pH value of MS DryCare is very similar to that of the animals’ skin, it even has a caring effect on the skin.


  • Optimised pen hygiene - dry, clean surfaces at all times
  • Quick moisture removal: micro-organisms are deprived of their breeding grounds
  • Improved atmosphere: farmer and animal feel more comfortable and are more efficient
  • 200% moist absorption without becoming soggy, always staying sandy
  • When moisture has evaporated from the dry powder, it is ready to absorb again.
  • Improves health through quick drying of the piglet
  • Raise the pH level
  • Can be used on organic farms


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