Use MS DryCare as a moisture absorber to improve the overall hygiene in the cowbarn. Basic hygiene in livestock housing is essential to minimise environmental bacteria. Poor hygiene contributes to health problems developing among (young) animals. Furthermore, MS DryCare has a unique smell of eucalyptus which is known to help open up the airways.

Reduce hygiene problems with MS DryCare

Hygiene problems can lead to stoppages in milk production which can be expensive. Especially in places where its damp, bacteria can and will spread freely. Cows lay in cubicles on their udders which are in contact with the floor. With organic or normal bedding alone, you won’t reliably overcome the hygiene risks. Experts therefore use MS DryCare. Added benefit; because of the extra treatment for the udders, the time involved in pre-milking preparation is shortened drastically.

MS DryCare is a natural bedding conditioner for professional housing hygiene management. Result: clean and dry lying and walking surfaces for animals and the best bedding possible. A dry surface means more at ease animals with less health issues due to hygiene problems. The milker also benefits from MS DryCare, because healthy and clean animals mean less work in pre-milking udder care. The dry powder always remains sandy which makes it very easy to remove and replace the bedding with new material.

Both farmer and animal feel more comfortable in an environment with a nice smell and no damp air.

Remove conditions that encourage mastitis

MS DryCare is more than a bedding conditioner for in the animal pen. It’s main components make it possible to absorb more than 200% of its own weight in moisture. This reduces the risk of cases of mastitis significantly which saves money, time and trouble.

MS DryCare improves environmental conditions in the pens by reducing the ammonia smell
Ammonia gas found in urine increases the chance of respiratory disease by impairing the calf’s defence systems. MS DryCare hinders the conversion of urine to ammonia gas and dries the bedding. This creates an environment that encourages improved feed conversion, higher growth rates and healthier calves.


Using the MS Spreader you can spread MS DryCare in over 100 pens in five minutes. The powder is also completely safe to use with your hands.
Dairy cow cubicles – scatter daily on wet patches only. Calving pens and calving areas: 100 gr/m², twice per week


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