Hygiene in pig pens is essential to minimise environmental bacteria. Poor hygiene contributes to health problems developing among (young) animals.

Hygiene problems can lead to diseases or even mortality. Especially in places where its damp, bacteria can spread freely. With organic or normal bedding alone, you won’t reliably overcome the hygiene risks, especially for piglets whom are very fragile at birth.

MS DryCare is a natural bedding conditioner for professional housing and hygiene management. Result: clean and dry lying and walking surfaces for animals. A dry surface means more at ease animals with less health issues due to hygiene problems. For piglets it is important to dry quickly right after birth and get to the mother sooner.

MS DryCare improves environmental conditions in the pens

Ammonia gas found in urine increases the chance of respiratory disease by impairing the piglets defence systems. MS DryCare hinders the conversion of urine to ammonia gas. The drier the bedding, the fewer disease causing pathogens the piglet is exposed to. This creates an environment that encourages improved feed conversion, higher growth rates and healthier piglets.

Completely natural

MS DryCare is a purely natural product and thus completely harmless for man, animals and the environment. MS DryCare even meets with the demands and regulations of organic farms. It can be applied in empty and occupied stalls and has a positive impact on manure consistency. It has also has a positive effect on the animals’ breathing due to the fresh smell. Because the pH value of MS DryCare is very similar to that of the animals’ skin, it even has a caring effect on the skin.


Completely safe to use, so scatter with your hand or with a small scoop. For faster spreading, use a spreader or blower.

Piglet/sow section: 50 gr/m², 3 times per week
Farrowing pen: daily, as required
At farrowing, apply MS DryCare before letting sows in..


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