Why would you use MS DryCare?

Simply put; to dry the environment in which the animal lives. A dry environment is more comfortable for an animal to live in; furthermore a dry environment is less comfortable for bacteria to grow on. The increased pH level of around 9 is just above pH neutral which also is less comfortable for bacteria to grow on. MS DryCare has a nice eucalyptus smell which is known to open up the animal airways.

Is MS DryCare specially developed for certain animals?

No, MS DryCare is developed as an active drying agent and is suitable in all animal pens. The dry powder has a pH level that feels comfortable on all animal skins.

What is the absorption power of MS DryCare?

MS DryCare is known to absorb more than 200% its own bodyweight which is more than any other dry powder on the market today in the animal husbandry.

Does MS DryCare stick to an animal’s skin?

No, MS DryCare can does not stick to the animal skin and doesn’t cake. Furthermore where other dry powders can become like sandpaper for the animals skin, MS DryCare is very soft and is very comfortable for the animal.

What happens when MS DryCare is saturated?

MS DryCare has a unique ability which almost no other dry powder has; it never stops absorbing. When MS DryCare take up liquids, over time these can evaporate into the air. Normally a dry powder stops working when saturated, but MS DryCare can actively absorb new liquids when earlier soaked up water is released into the air.

Does MS DryCare do anything against the ammonia smell?

Yes. MS DryCare actively absorbs just released liquids thus reducing the amount of urine being transformed to ammonia gas. Furthermore the strong eucalyptus fragrance of MS DryCare will let the animal pen smell delightful.

How much liquid can MS DryCare absorb?

MS DryCare has a mixture of ingredients which enables it to absorb more than 200% its own bodyweight. This is unique as almost no other hygiene powders can reach this number.

Does MS DryCare dust a lot?

No, MS DryCare is unique in its way that it almost does not dust. Every powder has a little dusting when throwing in to the air, but MS DryCare is significantly heavier than air and immediately falls to the ground.

Does the product works as a disinfectant?

No, MS DryCare is not a disinfectant. We have developed MS DryCare Plus for that. MS DryCare is used to dry surfaces. A dry surface will reduce the cell pressure in the animal pen and this has a positive effect on the animals welfare.

Using MS DryCare results in:

  • A dry living environment
  • Better animal health
  • Better animal comfort
  • Nice Eucalyptus smell which is known for having a positive effect on air quality and the animals airways
  • Completely natural

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