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MS DryCare is a hygiene powder that’s main task is to act as a drying agent. A dry environment reduces the bacteria growth and is more comfortable for animals to live in.MS DryCare is known to absorb more than 200% its own body weight in liquid. Below you’ll see several tests comparing MS DryCare with various other dry powders.

Wageningen Univerity

We let the University of Wageningen test MS DryCare in their research facility "VIC Sterksel". The research was called "MS DryCare – Determining the usage value at the Pig Farm Testing Zone". The researchers ended the trials with the overal conclusion: " MS DryCare, when used at 75 g/m2 of solid flooring, continually resulted in a dry piglet nest".You can find the entire research here.

Research Wageningen University



MSc S. van Uytsel

In a recent study done by MSc S. van Uytsel, he compared the absorption capacity with water and an ammonia solution of DryCare with another hygiene powder. Both desiccants absorbed more moisture when using an ammonia solution. But where the other stopped well below 75%, MS DryCare didn't stop until it reached 290% absorption capacity. The full study can be read here
Influence of ammonia on moisture binding capacity of MS DryCare


Comparison between MS DryCare and Deltasec

MS DryCare and Deltasec are both hygiene powders or active drying agents used in all kinds of animal pens. There are several unique attributes making a hygiene powder useful. In the first place it needs to absorb moisture, that is why you use it in the first place. Other attributes are things as the pH-level, feeling on the animals’ skin, smell and convenience for the farmer and animal. Read the complete test results.
MS DryCare versus Deltasec



MS DryCare comparisons

In the test below we show you a test with some Canadian products; Stalosan F, Mistral, Drystart and Hydrated spraylime. Five excellent drying agents, but MS DryCare is just a little bit better in absorbing moisture.

In the following test we show you the test we did between MS DryCare and GFS Animal Streu Plus, GFS Optistreu, Stalosan and Mistral. All hygiene powders with the goal to remove moisture. We found that none could compete with MS DryCare in terms of moisture absorption.

In this test you’ll see MS DryCare compared to Brize, Powercal, Staldren and Boxclean. Again, five hygiene powders with moisture absorption capabilities. MS DryCare is the only one that absorbs more than 200% water. In a stable, you want a dry environment, MS DryCare will do just that. Did you know? Bacteria need water to grow. No water, no bacteria growth.

We did a small test with MS DryCare and an anonymous competitor. We were interested whether or not MS DryCare would stick to the bottom of your slurry pit. Because, lets face it; most of the powder eventually ends up there anyway.
We applied powder on the bottom of our little slurry pit, soaked it in water for a couple of hours and then tried to remove this "soup" with a vacuum cleaner. The results can be seen below:

Using MS DryCare results in:

  • A dry living environment
  • Better animal health
  • Better animal comfort
  • Nice Eucalyptus smell which is known for having a positive effect on air quality and the animals airways
  • Completely natural

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